Tesla will assert its patents covering electronic storage system against competitors?

Some of you may remember that Tesla pledged not to assert its patents about e-vehicles against others in 2014. See Tesla’s blog (https://www.tesla.com/blog/all-our-patent-are-belong-you )

Does the pledge mean that Tesla will not assert patent related to non-vehicle products like electronic storage?

IAM recently published online article, saying that Tesla’s pledge “does not say anything about other technologies.” (https://www.iam-media.com/patents/elon-musk-does-not-hate-patents-and-teslas-famous-pledge-not-generous-it-seems) Unfortunately, I’m not subscribing IAM, so I cannot read the online article.

If IAM is correct, companies, which are current or potential competitors against Tesla, should be prepared for possible legal proceedings with or against Tesla.

See also https://www.finnegan.com/en/insights/articles/maximizing-a-patent-s-value-by-pledging-not-to-assert-it.html


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